Meet the Photographer

Photography is my passion. 1989 was the year I first got my SLR camera. It was a Zenit camera. After passing out of college I became a solo traveler, wanted to take photos from everywhere. 

With no budget or earning, Buying film was the hardest part of travel photography. I used to wait for someone to ask me to take photos of their social programs. And I would get a full roll of film on their budget. 

I have taken many photos, mostly as a photojournalist, landscape, street photos, urban and rural Bangladesh. A collection of around 700 selected photos were saved in my film negatives, which unfortunately lost during a house shifting in 2007. 

After the incident, I almost Stopped photography until 2014, when I purchased my DSLR and restarted photography. As a social and philanthropic event organizer, I felt the need to record the event memories. I received many appreciations from my friends and fellow organizers and event participants.  

My job at Emirates Airlines gave me the opportunity to be part of the Emirates Group Photography Club and I learning different genres of photography. Covered a few big events including ESFF (Emirates Short Film Festival), AVSEC Symposium, DNATA runs the world voluntarily and received Najm awards as well. 

2020 made me a full-time professional freelance photographer. Want to know more about my photography, don't hesitate to contact me. Love and let love.